Spirit Roots is a series of courses aimed to help your family grow deeper in spiritual purpose, strengthening family bonds, identifying family purpose, and connect the brain and spiritual wiring that exists inside of us. The Spirit Roots approach includes information taught in The Rooted Family series of courses while aiming to divinely deepen the meaning through connecting scripture and our knowledge of how our brain wiring supports the synchronicity of who we are and what we believe. We will take an interesting journey into the science/spirit connection that will help you steer your faith and family in this world.


Spirit Roots

Most of us choose both science and spiritual synchronicity everyday.  We choose the science of medicine to cure and at the same time send up a prayer to be healed. There is synchronicity between science and the spiritual and finding that synchronicity opens us up to deeper connection to ourselves and others.  

Aligning our purpose with spiritual belief guide our feet along the path of life.  Spiritual connection is like the compost in our soil that  nourishes us at our roots and help grow our families and lives in meaning.

The brain research regarding connection, gratitude, kindness, empathy, peace and finding purpose, often runs parallel to our spiritual experiences.

The science about the brain supports fundamental teachings of spiritual practices on how to live an enlightened, purpose-filled life. 

We are wired for synchronicity

The messages of connection, love, gratitude...supported in both brain research and spirituality.   

Seek and practice kindness and kindness will be mirrored back to you.  Show love to yourself and others and you will find love and happiness in return.  Seek solace and quiet and you will find peace.  Practice being grateful and you will increase fulfillment.  All of these supported in both science and spirituality. 

As humans, we are not independent of each other.  Science and spiritual belief support the connection as part of what makes us who we are as a human family, It is when we deny that connection that disaster and disharmony strike.

Understanding the synchronicity of how we are wired and what we believe is important to understanding our purpose.