SCHOOL partnerships

We come directly into the classroom to share our Grow Strong Roots curriculum with students and teachers. We provide resources to reduce teacher workload and online portals for deeper home/school connection. And coming soon, we’ll offer distance partnerships, providing the entire Grow Strong Roots curriculum to your school!

SPEAKING and workshops

We tailor the Grow Strong Roots curriculum to meet the needs of your office, team or small group. This is perfect for business and church workshops or full partnerships. Here you’ll find more about most frequently requested workshops and speaking topics, as well as why you want Erin to come present to your group..

The Rooted Family Circle

We can’t make your kids magically gobble down their vegetables, go to bed like angels each night or get straight A’s on their report card. But we can teach your whole family how to be comfortable being uncomfortable and how to transition through frustration, which will immediately impacting their resiliency and success at home and at school.