Combining brain research, mindful self-regulation SKILLS, social-emotional learning and academics, we can help each child have a greater impact in their ability to learn.

The question isn’t, “Should we have Erin come?” The question to ask is, “How could we not have Erin come?” Our students need to learn this and we need to know how to teach it to them.
— Lisa, Teacher

Grow Strong Roots

“Mindfulness education can reduce the negative effects of stress and increase the student's ability to stay engaged helping them stay on track academically and avoid behavior problems.” - Harvard University’s Center for Education Policy Research


If there are good nutrients in the soil, a tree will grow a strong root system, trunk and branches. It will develop leaves and become an active part of the ecosystem, helping support other life. Our kids' brains are the same way! Science tells us that in order to have a strong root system and a happy, healthy brain, we need one thing: mindful awareness of self and others. We need to learn courage, creativity, gratitude, kindfulness, respect, responsibility, growth mindset and healthy living to boots brains and feed the root system of well-being and growth.


We come into your classroom and Teach


In-Person, Integrated Classroom Lessons

We weave current classroom objectives and standards with mindful social-emotional skills and brain-boosting values that support brain learning and function.

We provide everything Teachers Need (Really!)


Online Teacher Portal to Keep Students Engaged

We provide a teacher portal to enrich and extend the lessons with research, resources, parent letters and click-and-go activities, perfect for busy teachers.

We HELP strengthen The home/school connection


Online Parent Portal for Home Connection

Instant home/school connection support providing concepts from school, including research on lessons and engaging games and activities for the whole family.


Erin Sadler is the founder of The Rooted Family and creator of the Grow Strong Roots curriculum. She’s a teacher, with her master’s degree in education. She’s also a certified life coach, meditation practitioner and health coach. She believes in mindfulness - especially mindfulness in education - and sees the benefits first-hand.

As a teacher, Erin values teachers and understands the workload they have which is why she partners with them to make mindfulness exercises and brain-boosting techniques a part of everyday life, both in and out of the classroom. Mindfulness practices increases academic potential, self-awareness and resiliency. She can’t wait to partner with you and come into your classroom!


Erin Sadler is currently accepting requests for school partnerships as well as personal development/staff workshops, teacher mentoring and coaching. For more information on the Grow Strong Roots curriculum and to learn how you can partner with Erin and bring mindfulness to your school, email today!

I love coming alongside teachers to show students how their brains work and how strengthening values such as kindness, gratitude, respect, creativity, responsibility, courage and perseverance can help deepen learning and neural connections through mindful practice. I can’t wait to partner with you and bring mindfulness to your school! — Erin Sadler, The Rooted Family

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I loved learning about how our brain works and how we can retrain them and form new habits. Erin made me feel like success is really possible in all aspects of life!
— Tanya, Teacher