Join With A Friend and Save More! Stir Crazy Kids Healthy Living, Meal Planning, Cooking Classes

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Join With A Friend and Save More! Stir Crazy Kids Healthy Living, Meal Planning, Cooking Classes

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Grab a friend, register together and save more! This registration is for two adults and two children. We get that life is better with friends so we set up our class so that you and a friend can join together!

Class Dates: 1/6, 1/13, @Beans and Cream Bakeshop, 1/20 Make and Take Meal at East Madison Commercial Kitchen

Times 1/6, 1/13 (1:30-2:30 pm), 1/20: 2-3 pm or 3-4 pm depending on time slot chosen at first class.

Do you want to help your kids understand how health and nutrition work, but don't exactly know what to tell them?

Do you want to make healthy, balanced, simple meals for your family but need some help?

Do you or your kid love cooking shows and competitions?

Do you want to create fun, healthy meals with your kid and inspire some help in making family meals?

Join certified Health and Wellness coach, life coach, and educator, Erin Sadler M.Ed., for a fun, engaging 3-class parent/kid workshop that will help you both and your child spend quality time together learning about healthy food and nutrition. This class teaches how healthy eating helps your brain and body. Plan and make meals together, feel empowered in healthy choices, and make and take a healthy meal together at the last class led by Cassoulet meals owner and mom, Alyssa Brooks in her commercial kitchen. Let us show you how to save time and money in the kitchen Class size is limited! Pricing includes your make and take meal experience!

For kids in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade and their parents!

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You and your child will walk away with hands on knowledge of:

  • What macro-nutrients are and how they function in our brain and bodies

  • How sugar effects brain and body function and how to spot it

  • How to plan balanced meals

  • How to research balanced meals for your family

  • How to make a lunch and meal plan that everyone agrees with and uses

  • How to empower kids (and adults) to make mindful food choices

  • A weekly meal plan that kids and adults can agree on!

  • A week trial of using creating a meal plan for the family

  • A fun, healthy make and take recipe and meal that you take home with you on the last class