The level of social and emotional awareness and the ability to use self-regulation skills effectively is the biggest indicator of success in later life.

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The current SAL (Standard American Lifestyle) is leading us on a journey of depression, stress, anxiety, health issues and overall unhappiness.


Erin Sadler

Founder of The Rooted Family, Creator of the Grow Strong Roots Curriculum

There’s a better way. Growing up, parenting and living in community can be easier, more peaceful and fulfilling to our souls, brains and bodies.

Erin Sadler, founder of The Rooted Family, partners with teachers, parents and communities to make mindful based stress reduction skills and brain-boosting techniques a part of everyday life. These practices increase academic potential, self-awareness and resiliency.

In addition to a masters degree in education, Erin is a certified life coach, meditation practitioner and health coach. She will help you and the kids in your life find their roots. 

Miss Erin is AWESOME! She completely gets kids and knows how to connect and engage them. We look so forward to the lessons!
— Kindergarten teacher

It’s been amazing to see the difference between my preschooler who experienced the Grow Strong Roots curriculum and his brother who did not. My younger son is able to regulate his emotions, solve conflict peacefully and is aware of himself and others in a way my other son is not. I am grateful for the parent support so we can teach our entire family these methods.
— Parent


I loved Erin’s quote, “teach kids to become equitable within themselves to promote equity” Her passion for mindfulness is contagious! Thank you so so much!
— Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Erin is incredible! I have seen lots of teachers teach, but her ability to reach students and help them understand how they learn is a gift.
— Parent

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If the kids in your life are consistently overwhelmed, show them how to retrain their brains with mindfulness based stress reduction skills and live with more resiliency, self-confidence and peace.

These tips and tools can change everything.

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