Spending Brain Dollars Mindfully

Spending Brain Dollars Mindfully

Have you ever thought about your brain as a bank account? 

I sure hadn’t until I paired up to talk to the amazing Melissa Wolak.  Melissa has been in the brain game for years and I believe we share the same super power in translating what is happening in the brain into truly applicable, easy steps for changing lives through mindfully noticing your mind.

Melissa Wolak, MS, CCC-SLP  guides motivated individuals to transform their lives by changing their thoughts, lifestyles, habits and and brain health. As a holistic mindset and transformation coach and speaker, she provides education and empowering strategies to support functional, healthy lifestyle changes, productivity and wellbeing with the goal to live in more alignment, decrease the effects of chronic stress and optimize the brain’s potential while preventing cognitive decline and disease. She earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Communication Science Disorders, and is earning her brain health coach certification and an advanced mindfulness practitioner certificate. She has 20+ years working with clients in the education, wellness and performance industry with additional training in the areas of Brain Health, Food as Medicine, Memory, Mindfulness, Anxiety and Stress Management.  

Melissa and I have been friends for years but I had never heard her speak about draining your brain bank account and how to budget your brain dollars.  Pair that with her Star Wars analogies and her super real, honest and aware mom game and you’ll be so glad you listened!

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