Be Your Own Authority On Priorities

Welcome to this week, if you haven’t seen the video about how Kelly please watch that first to get an idea of how this strong lady and I met! Kelly has a unique perspective in organizing priorities and goals. She is very goal-driven and her method works! It has helped her create her own business, rock and win fitness competitions, raise a kind boy, and maintain a humble, sane, aligned sense of self. Her goals are dreams she has made a reality and I am honored to call her my friend. Click below to see her method. I will leave information on how you can reach out to her! Have a great week everyone! Please take a minute and give us your feedback at the bottom of this page. We love to hear your comments!

Kelly made some cool charts that I wanted to make sure to share, so I am just including the link right to her post so you can see how she laid it all out. I wasn’t about to reinvent her awesome wheel! Enjoy friends!

A southern California native, Kelly grew up with a love for music and art, eventually guiding her

career path into using hair and makeup as a creative outlet.  Having attended multiple advanced education courses throughout Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Las Vegas, Kelly acquired a particular flair for trendy, yet functional, cuts and colors and has led teams of hair and makeup artists for on-stage performances and magazine publications.

You can get to know her at:  

Instagram: k.macattack and kellymac.muah