Ep. 5: Is your kid a secret agent for other's emotions?

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In this episode we explore teaching our kids how to respond based on how we are feeling and not being sucked into the emotional drama and dirty work of others. Sometimes kids (and grown ups if we are being honest) have a hard time distinguishing between how they feel about something if everyone else is voicing their emotions and it sometimes leads us down a path of destruction.  

If you have a big hearted kid who loves to help others and stand up for what is right, but sometimes blurs the line between what is helping and what is just inserting themselves into a situation in which they don’t belong, then this is an episode for you!

Do you have a kid that means well but sometimes listens to others more than their internal compass?

Does your kid jump in to help, rescue, defend but sometimes doesn’t recognized that the circumstances don’t warrant helping, rescuing or defending?

Teaching our kids to respond based on how THEY feel and not the feelings of peers, is a BIG lesson in empowering kids to make sound, rational decisions when it comes to how they want to spend our emotional energy.  

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