Building Resiliency in Children by Letting them Fail

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It seems counter-intuitive as a parent that one of the best things you can do is to let your child fail.  Emotionally it can be pretty rough on everyone, but opportunities to build resiliency are a major key to success and happiness in the long run, according to brain research.

Resilience is a universal capacity which allows a person, group or community to prevent, minimize or overcome the damaging effects of adversity. 

The reason I, along with brain researchers (see resource links below), support practicing failure young is that just like when you train muscle, you begin to develop the strength necessary to overcome adversity.  If I am talking in The Rooted Family terms, to me it means developing the skill set necessary to bend, not break under life’s storms.

The reason to start giving our children opportunities to build resiliency when they are young is because they have us as guides to help them navigate through adversity. Notice I didn’t say, “pick them up when they fall”. We want to train kids to pick themselves up. We want them to look around, learn from their mistake, recalibrate and try again.

In this episode, we are going to talk about key skills you can develop at home to help build resiliency in your children.  

Episode #10: Building Resiliency in Children by Letting them Fail

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In this episode of The Rooted Family Podcast...

  • Why failing now builds strong kids later and how developing growth mindset is a must for successful kids 4:42

  • Why growth mindset it critical to brain health 8:31

  • Parenting with the purpose of letting kids fail and fail 13:15

  • Teaching Growth Mindset:  I HAVE, I AM, I CAN 17:04

  • 5 Key Ways To Build Growth Mindset and Resilience 20:47

  • Why failing now builds strong kids later and how developing growth mindset is a must for successful kids 4:42

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This Episode's Question:

Where have you let your child fail recently which resulted in growth - either on purpose or on accident?

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