Mindfully Training Kids For Life with Katie Hensel from Tri4Schools

Katie Hensel is a dynamo.  She leads the Tri 4 Schools organization and it amazing at running a successful nonprofit that trains kids to do triathlons but, just like The Rooted Family, Katie knows that the real training starts from the inside out.    She also does this with an even-keeled elegance and grace in running shoes that make you sit back and take notice.

How do you go for your dreams as a mom while still supporting the dreams of your family as well as the dreams of over 13,000 kids?  Katie breaks it down for us. I am honored to have her as a guest this week and even more honored and grateful that I get to call her friend and partner in crime in trying to help kids learn the skills to live and embrace their best lives.   When we teach kids these skills we all win!

Show notes:

If you have never done a Tri4Schools Event or volunteered, go to www.tri4schools.org and donate, volunteer or participate

If you want to read the blog post-Katie and I mention, check it out here:  https://www.imperfectandpresent.com/blank-1/2019/02/03/January-Progress-Report