How To Parent A Frustrated Child

Frustration is a part of life. How you deal with life’s frustrations can determine your success in navigating future frustrations as well as resolving conflicts and frustrations in a way that doesn’t leave everyone drained and strained. How we help kids train their brains to deal with frustration directly impacts whether they continue their current pattern of habits and behaviors or learn how to choose more productive, positive ways for how they would like to respond to life.

If we, as parents, deal with their frustration by having our own frustration meltdown, we aren’t solving the problem or teaching kids any meaningful way to change the outcome. What we are showing them is that we, too, have no control of our emotions, so why bother having control? We might as well just let them take us down the river that empties into despair and doubt.

It is so important to teach children how to effectively deal with feelings of frustration because learning how to:

1. Recognize

2. Manage emotional responses to frustration is a confidence builder and empowers kids to know they are in control.  Responding to frustration in a way that helps you to grow in resilience and problem solving is a catalyst for leading a successful, independent life, increased mental well-being, and greater learning ability.

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