5 Easy Ways To Add Mindful Minutes To Your Day Without Slowing Down

5 Ways to Add Mindful Minutes to Your Day

5 Ways to Add Mindful Minutes to Your Day


September is the new January when it comes to goals and resolutions. Some of us have dreams of:

  • getting our Marie Kondo on and getting our house organized after kids ransacked it this summer. We want to hug things to see if they bring us joy

  • getting back to the gym or a workout routine

  • getting back to normal eating habits or new eating habits and closing the kitchen every once in a while instead of the summer open 24-hours sign that was up

  • getting back on a schedule

  • Let’s be real. Some of us just want to have a cup of coffee in peace and quiet

  • And some of us are just happy we don't have to piece together childcare any more this summer while we tackle our mom hustle

Whatever it is for you, back to school time is a time of new beginnings. While we might not realize it, we often treat it as a time of change. Our kids are going through changes and we jump on the bandwagon with them.

With the new school year we usually are dealing with new and changing emotions…from our kids and ourselves. Have you had anybody ask you, “Are you so excited for the kids to go back to school?”  or asked your kids, ”Are you excited to go back to school?” Because if you are like me that is a very simple question with a very complex answer. Personally, as a mom and teacher, II feel excitement, joy, happiness, dread, unease, hope, worry, sad, relieved and uncertainty, How’s that for feeling all the feels? And that’s what most kids feel too.

I am allowed to feel all my feelings, but I get to pick what I want to focus on and I am choosing to feel PEACE. 

  • Peace that I know it will all work out. 

  • Peace that this is a time of transition.  

  • Peace that we are all growing and changing and that can feel uncomfortable. And that’s ok, too.

I made that sound really easy, right. Almost too easy? Like I said it while sitting on a rainbow drinking a latte in serene silence. The kind that doesn’t exist as a parent. Well, I have yet to find a rainbow to sit on, but I have found peace and in this podcast, I am going to give you the five steps you can take to add mindful minutes, increasing peace while still getting all your stuff done. because usually when I mention mindfulness to a busy parent, they want it but can’t seem to find the time.  

Does that sound like you? If so, join me because I am just going to show you how to integrate mindfulness into your day without adding extra time.  

Episode #11: 5 Easy Ways to Add Mindful Minutes to Your Day Without Slowing Down

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In this Episode of The Rooted Family Podcast...

  • What would you gain if you let go of the idea that you are too busy to be mindful : (07:19)

  • As our kids go through, big changes in our life sort of shifts a little bit. We also start to think about the changes we want to make, which is the perfect time to incorporate a little bit more mindfulness. (9:51)

  • The 5 To Thrive  things you can do to be more mindful: (14:53)

  • Five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes is all you need to help start retraining your brain (16:39)

  • The 5 easy, key things you can do to be more mindful without slowing down.

  • How empathy and gratitude are the difference between a hot mess express and feeling like a failure and being a hot mess express and laughing at it all. (21:30)

  • My gratitude plan, that mindfully boosts gratitude in 3-5 minutes a day.  (22:36)

  • How to keep negative chatter from turning into belief. (24:49)

  • Five super simple, totally doable ways to be more mindful, decreased stress and increased gratitude while still getting all your stuff done. (45:30)

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This Episode's Question:

What would you gain if you let go of the idea that you are too busy to be mindful?

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