The 12 Minute Super Charged Mom

This one is for all the moms out May...crawling to the finish line of the end of school.  Making lunches out of thin air and slapping' school projects together like you just don't care (cause let's face it at this point, we don't).  

In our family we also like to mix in two birthdays...ya know cause there isn't already enough going on or enough practices to drive to or enough team sports to root for.

Then, right about in the middle, we are granted our golden day:  Mother's Day.  Hell yeah, we shout, let's celebrate that mother to the tilt..and we breakfast in bed and brunch and still do all the stuff and visit all the people and make sure everyone is fed and clean and acting appropriately.

While all of this is amazing and great and may or may not fill your heart with is my Mother's Day challenge to you: BE QUIET AND FIND QUIET and just sit in it.  Tell everyone you have to bounce for a bit and find a park or just sit in your car and get really quiet and make this your new Mother's Day ritual:

BREATHE...for at least 3 straight minutes of deep breathing.  Just in and out and every time your mind flutters to what you should be doing or how someone is feeling regarding your absence, breathe right through that thought and just come back to your breathing.

THANK...if you are not used to just breathing, this step may be easier (but still don't skip 1).  Take at least 3 minutes and be grateful for your family, go through each person in your mind and thank them for something they have to show you or done for you by being themselves that has made you better for knowing them.

ACKNOWLEDGE...spend at least 3 more minutes acknowledging all the love and support you give your family and thank yourself for giving of yourself.  If this is hard for you, just go through a regular day in your mind and every moment that you do something for someone else in your day, pause and tell yourself nice job or picture you high fiving yourself. 

DREAM...for your last stretch (again at least 3 minutes), just dream.  Dream about what you want to do in this life, where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want for your family, your children, your lives together.  Play out the most amazing life you can imagine and walk through it as if it were really happening.  Get detailed in how wonderful it would be. 

12 minutes to supercharge yourself into the mom everyone, especially you...deserves.  12 minutes closer to knowing yourself and 12 minutes of peace for your soul.  Everyone deserves 12 minutes.  

Now, a gift you can give yourself this Mother's Day is to make this a daily ritual.  If daily is too big a task for you in May, make it a weekly check-in and work your way up to daily.  Heck, tell your family that is what you want for a gift is a gift of...12 minutes a day to supercharge yourself into the person you want to be and knows you are.  Today is your day of proclamations, use it!  Now when you start becoming your own guru at this...give the gift to your family. 

Teach your family how to supercharge themselves because who doesn't want the kiddos to take 12 to do 1-4 on the daily?  I mean, aren't 1-4 what you are trying to instill in their hearts to begin with? Teaching my kids to be their best selves starts with me taking 12 to be mine.  And if you kids are younger or are not used to sitting in quiet...start with 4 minutes, one minute for each of the 4 items and work your way up.  You can all lay on the floor, grass, couch or chairs together if you'd like and close your eyes and move through the steps.

The primary caregiver is the most important person in a child's life and if you are a mom, most likely that is you.  Teaching yourself and your family to embrace mental health is as important (perhaps more) as making sure you are eating right and exercising.  So give yourself the gift of 12.