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The Mission:

Grow Strong Roots

The mission of The Rooted Family is to help children, families, schools and communities understand and grow in the knowledge of how mindfulness, the mind/body connection, brain research and self awareness help create strong roots in our children, families and communities that enable us all to thrive.

Growing strong roots is VITAL to overall health and wellness. The current SAL (Standard American Lifestyle) is leading to more depression, stress, anxiety, health issues and overall unhappiness. We see it in the statistics that paint a grim picture for the future of our children, families and communities.

What if there was a better way that made growing up, parenting, and being part of a community easier, more peaceful and fills our souls, brains, and bodies with the nutrients needed for a well lived life?

The Rooted Family has looked at the research and developed a curriculum (a road map) to follow to ensure your kids, family, and community have the nutrients needed to combat the SAL statistics and lead their best lives. We can't just hope that our kids and families are going to turn out ok. We need a researched, road tested plan to help guide us on our way!

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Hi, I am Erin.  I am a mom, wife, educator, life coach,  writer, fitness competitor, health coach and visualizer who loves mindful practice and brain research.  I strive toward the idea of minimalism and focusing on what is truly important and I am always on the journey of improving my yoga practice.  I believe that we are here on this earth for a purpose and I am going to live the most purpose driven life I can for myself and to be a role model to my three sprouts as what living a meaningful and joyful life looks like. 

I looked around at society, my family  and the kids I teach and got really serious about what it takes to raise children that thrive in today's society.  I then wrote and developed my own mindful preschool curriculum based in brain research and how children learn best.  While creating, directing and teaching my own mindful preschool, I also developed content to help parents/caregivers increase learning at home.  Meanwhile I was also teaching mindfulness and goal setting to adults.  

What I found is much easier to teach kiddos healthy life practices from the beginning than to try to "fix" behaviors later in life.  Plus, it just makes sense that laying down a foundation of neurological wiring for health during a person's most explosive neurological growth period (childhood) sets them up for lifelong success.  While childhood may be the best time to plant seeds for a lifetime of happiness and success, what we know about the brain today is that you can make changes at any time of your life to attain your goals...if you know how.

I believe my purpose is to help other families find their purpose, joy and to set families up for a lifetime of success.  I know how busy the world is and that parents and families are struggling to find the right path for their families.  I know because we used to be that family.  I know because I have had friends, clients, and family asking for strategies and advice for navigating life and society.  I know because as families attempt THE ROOTED FAMILY strategies and plans, they see harmony and connection restored in their homes just as I found in mine.  I hope to have a conversation regarding what it looks like to lead your life with purpose while structuring your family to function at a purpose-filled level not just a level of survival.  To help your family discover what your  values and beliefs are and then formulate how to carry out your goals together. 

Thank you for taking the time to check out my programming.  I hope to help your family get rooted very soon!

Peace, love and roots,